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Transforming Tax Leadership In Middle East.


Our client, a global professional services firm instructed us to help transform its tax practice and to enable the firm to increase its presence and reputation across the Middle Eastern region. We discussed the assignment with key decision makers and stakeholders of the business and proposed strategy and timeframes.

It quickly became clear that this became an opportunity to build an entire tax business around these hires and over the next several months our dedicated specialist search team worked closely with our client to identify world class tax talent with superior expertise, reputation and cultural fit to help drive business growth.


We knew that it was highly likely that ideal candidates were not going to be currently based in the Middle East, and we would have to focus or search on the expat market. We had to ensure that all identified professionals would be a great fit for the firm and commit to relocate to the region on a long-term basis.

Through our powerful network- and extensive search capabilities we targeted and identified a select number of potential individuals and through discreet and ongoing discussions we shortlisted key players which we presented to the client.

All candidates identified were not actively in the market and seeking a career move. By using our search methodology, we devised and communicated a carefully constructed proposition which was tailored specifically to each individual and resulted in a strong interest in exploring opportunities presented by our client.


We fully managed to process between selected candidates and the client from the initial discussion to the offer stage and beyond.

During the next several months we helped the client to secure selected individuals who received offers which were accepted.

Following the successful completion of this assignment our client transformed its tax practice that enabled the firm to increase its presence and reputation across the Middle East.