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Tax Professionals

Securing career-
defining moves for the
best of the tax best

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We work with the best of the tax best, across the broadest range of specialisms and no matter in which jurisdiction they are working or would like to move to.

While no-one consultant will ever be right for everyone, the professionals who choose Mason Rak do so because our approach to them and their career advancement is personal and committed.

They recognise, too, that our connections inside the world’s leading firms have been built over more than 15 years, are at the very highest levels of decision making and encompass both local jurisdiction and global tax leaders.

Put simply, we do everything we possibly can to assist the tax professionals we work with in securing the right move, to the right place, at the right time.

We are recommended frequently by one tax superstar to another.

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Digging deep and presenting you to best advantage.


Getting to
know you

We work to the very highest standards of personalised advisory and representation. Our relationships begin with either a video or face to face meeting. This can happen anywhere in the world. We explore your career history, assess your profile, and listen carefully to the ambitions you have at this point in your career both for yourself and your family.


your wishes

From there, we will discuss with you whatever you wish to achieve either now or within the longer-term context of your full career arc. From here, how do you envision your career continuing, and by career end, what would you wish to have achieved? While we listen intently in this discussion, we also use our insight and experience to challenge your vision where we feel this could benefit you.


Curating your
personal brand

We work with you to ensure that you are in the best possible position to present yourself to select firms. This involves ensuring you have an appropriately strong presence in the professional arena. Our help ranges from preparing and placing significant thought leadership pieces for you, to bespoke interview preparation.


Realising your
true worth

We encourage you to nurture your business case tirelessly, so that you are ready to evidence your true worth when you decide to consider your next role. Throughout our relationship, which may last over many years, we remain ready when needed to help you navigate recruitment processes, guiding you from initial discussions, through the offer stage, and into a new position that is the ideal fit for you at that time.

It begins with a call

You will know whether a conversation with us might help you.

Say no to ‘comfortable’

Feeling too comfortable can prevent even long-established Tax Partners from reaping the full potential of their capabilities and reputation. If this is you, we can help you challenge that comfort.

Having listened intently to your thoughts on your current situation and the kind of role for which you would be ready to move, we engage with carefully chosen individuals amongst our global network of tax decision makers, looking for the perfect match opportunity.

No matter how settled and well looked after you are, rejecting ‘comfortable’ can open up dramatic enhancements to your compensation, as well as exceptional opportunities to give your career a fast-track drive forward, or jaw-dropping new prestige.

“Our commitment is to partner with you over many years, helping you advance your professional brand and framing you squarely for opportunities of such merit that they will define your professional achievement and, ultimately career fulfilment.”

Oleg Rak, Managing Partner

Our opportunity radar

Roles calling for serious consideration by top tier tax pros are seldom advertised. With our powerful, high-level connections and global network built up over more than 15 years, opportunities like this reach our ears before those of anyone else.

Employer case studies

Time after time, Mason Rak delivers

International Tax Partner Search Asia. Completed.

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Transforming Tax Leadership In Middle East.

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Not simply a superstar. The right superstar for your operation.

Mason Rak’s connections and knowledge of what’s happening in the market around the world, are exceptional. My only call now would always be to them.

– Tax Partner, Global Consulting Firm

Mason Rak are genuine experts in senior executive tax recruitment. and delivered numerous times executing some of the most challenging assignments which other search firms had been unable to complete.

– Managing Partner, Global Law Firm

By leveraging their global tax network and market intelligence, Mason Rak again delivered a great result for us. We are fortunate to have them on our side.

– Global Head of Tax, Professional Services Firm

With Mason Rak, I knew every possibility would be covered. I knew what I wanted, and where I wanted to be, and I was confident that they would make that happen. Which they did.

– Global Tax Partner, Global Consulting Firm